Cover Crops Q & A with Rob Myers

4 years ago | Sep 04, 2013
By: Rob Myers, SARE Regional Coordinator
Rob Myers, SARE Regional Coordinator, explains how the use of cover crops impacts water and energy in Kansas agriculture and discusses the benefits of no-till with cover crops.

Farmers and Climate Change

4 years ago | Aug 27, 2013
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
It is a beautiful day in Kansas. The unseasonably cool weather is refreshing and the rain is a godsend.  After the record breaking, oppressive heat and frightening lack of rain we saw last summer, a day like today feels like a dream come...

Announcing the Kansas Water + Energy Progress Awards!

4 years ago | Jul 23, 2013
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
Water + Energy Progress announces its first winners.

Introducing the Water + Energy Progress Steering Committee

4 years ago | Jun 18, 2013
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
A diverse steering committee has been working to identify innovations in energy efficiency and water conservation on Kansas farms.

Diverse Lands

4 years ago | May 07, 2013
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
The On Farm Water + Energy Project has Rachel visiting farms and ranches all over Kansas and discovering the innovative ways that farmers and ranchers meet weather challenges.