Foraging grasses play a vital role in carbon sequestration

4 years ago | Dec 10, 2013
By: Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong
Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong explains how Water + Energy Progress winner Dale Strickler makes use of carbon sequestration.

Cover Crops on Dale Strickler's Farm

4 years ago | Dec 02, 2013
By: Chavis Lickkvar-Armstrong

Given his success in increasing the percentage of organic matter in his soils, Dale Strickler certainly doesn’t want to see the benefits of those added nutrients leached away in between growing seasons. Planting cover crops is crucial...

Submit your nominations for Water + Energy Progress Awards!

4 years ago | Oct 29, 2013
A call for nominations for the 2014 Water + Energy Progress Awards.

Alexander Ranch management benefits wildlife

4 years ago | Oct 02, 2013
By: Ken Brunson, The Nature Conservancy
Ken Brunson of the Nature Conservancy discusses the Red Hills Initiative and the impacts Ted Alexander's practices have on wildlife.

Intensive grazing and rangeland management

4 years ago | Oct 01, 2013
David Kraft, NRCS State Rangeland Management Specialist, explains the benefits of intensive grazing and rangeland management as seen on the Alexander Ranch.