Making Connections: Getting consumers the local, low impact food that they demand

3 years ago | Jun 24, 2014
By: Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong
The Feasibility Study, conducted by SCALE, Inc., looks at the challenges faced by producers and consumers when it comes to selling and purchasing locally produced foods.

Heartland Voices: Hydropower Potential

3 years ago | Jun 17, 2014
Sarah Hill-Nelson, manager and co-owner of Bowersock Mills & Power Company - the only operating hydroelectric plant in Kansas - talks about the potential of hydropower in Kansas.

Making progress with water and energy in agriculture

3 years ago | Jun 10, 2014
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
Looking forward to the 2014 Water + Energy Progress Awards.

The Reports are Out, and They Show That Ag Practices are Changing

3 years ago | May 20, 2014
By: Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong
By establishing Water and Energy Progress, a project that looks solely at the innovative water and energy saving practices of Kansas farmers and ranchers, I believe we are ahead of the curve when it comes to facilitating conversation that is geared towards educating the public and other producers.

Heartland Voices: USDA Rural Utilities Service

3 years ago | Apr 08, 2014
USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator John Padalino shares his perspectives on water & energy issues in rural communities.