Gratitude and Progress

3 years ago | Dec 02, 2014
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director

Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite holiday.  A whole day dedicated to gratitude, what could be better? We celebrate this holiday with a table full of healthy, organic, locally-raised home-cookin’.  We are still feasting on the...

Join the Water + Energy Progress Winter Cover Crop Tour and Overview of Available Funding Opportunities

3 years ago | Oct 31, 2014
Farmers and ranchers in Kansas are innovating to save water and energy!

Join Water + Energy Progress Award winners,
Lucinda Stuenkel, Dale...

Digging in to Water + Energy Progress

3 years ago | Oct 14, 2014
A primary goal of Water + Energy Progress is to help educate our supporters on the diversity of agricultural systems in Kansas. We are all still learning, and we can learn a lot from each other!

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Keeping up with the future of Agriculture

3 years ago | Sep 02, 2014
By: Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong
WEP award winners are ahead of the curve and so are ag kids. The youth that grow up farming and ranching have a stronger STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) background than those that don’t.

2014 Water + Energy Progress Awards

3 years ago | Aug 19, 2014

Water + Energy Progress Awards highlight innovators in Kansas

Eleven Kansas farmers and ranchers recognized for saving water and energy in agriculture.

Water + Energy Progress identifies successful innovations in energy efficiency...