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Water + Energy Progress
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We're talking about farms and water and energy, are you?

6 years ago | Feb 01, 2013
Welcome Rachel Myslivy, CEP's newest program director, who is leading the way with our On Farm Water + Energy Efficiency Project. Read more about her project below. The warmer weather this weekend brought dreams of springtime to my mind…lush, green pastures, and life bursting anew…but a cursory glance around the farm called these dreams into doubt.  While the dormancy of winter masks some of the harshness of the drought, the Kansas Water Office’s weekly drought report provide reminders of the severity of the situation. What will the spring look like this year?450px-Water_droplet_blue_bg03 


 It goes without saying that the farmers are the hardest hit by the drought.  But Kansas farmers don’t give up easily.  They are resilient, determined and innovative.  CEP’s newest project focusing on Water and Energy efficiency on the farm seeks to spotlight innovations in energy efficiency and water conservation on Kansas farms.

 The On Farm Water + Energy Efficiency Project identifies innovative approaches to water and energy usage on the farm.  In a time of decreasing resources, both financial and natural, our hopes are to help farmers impact their bottom line while conserving water and energy. The primary goal of the project is to identify Kansas farmers who are successfully addressing water and energy usage in innovative ways. The stories of working innovations will be shared widely as examples for others to learn from and replicate.

These practical examples from Kansas farms will spur further innovations and add to the toolkit of resources for on-farm efficiency.  The project focuses on real-life, practical solutions currently happening on the ground in Kansas. The project brings together a diverse steering committee representing agriculture, natural resources, energy and water organizations.  Members of the steering committee are sending in nominations of innovative farmers.  There are some amazing farmers out there and we are excited to recognize them as stewards and leaders in water conservation and energy efficiency.  If you know of someone who fits the bill, please contact Rachel Myslivy for more information:  myslivy@climateandenergy.org or 785-424-4115.  


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