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Water + Energy Progress
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Rachel Myslivy

Back in the Saddle, Again! Rachel Myslivy named CEP Assistant Director

4 years ago | Apr 18, 2017
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
Over the years, I’ve talked to many people about the Climate + Energy Project.  From casual conversations to formal presentations, I usually start with the same concept, that CEP takes a practical approach to finding common ground solutions that work in the Heartland.  I sometimes joke that we’re the pollyannas of the Kansas environmental world.  CEP’s positive, pragmatic approach is what I love the most about the organization, and it’s ultimately why I am so happy to rejoin the staff as Assistant Director.

I joined CEP way back in 2012 to launch a new initiative that would address the nexus of water and energy use in agriculture . . . in the middle of one of the worst droughts in recent history.  Given the troublesome weather outlook at the time, the project could easily have failed.  

I attribute the success of Water + Energy Progress and many other CEP initiatives to the unique way CEP does the work - bringing together diverse voices into solutions-based dialogues that work for Kansas.  
It’s not always easy, in fact it can be downright frustrating at times, but it’s an approach that I really believe in, and one that’s been effective at CEP for almost ten years.  

Did I just say ten years?  You bet, I did. CEP will celebrate ten years of good work in Kansas this year.  I’ve been involved with CEP for five of those years, either as staff or board.  We’ve weathered internal droughts and floods over the years, but I’m happy to say that the future has never been brighter for CEP.  

When I think about the visionary work with the Clean Energy Business Council, the positive connections with the Clean Energy = Clean Air Coalition, the inspiring future of the WEALTH project connecting health equity with environmental concerns, our outstanding board and five-star staff, I see so many of CEP’s goals coming to fruition in new and exciting ways.  I’m thrilled to take on the role of Assistant Director to help CEP take the steps necessary to make it to the 20th, 30th, 40th anniversary and beyond!  

Now, to work!

Our work depends on contributions from Kansans like you!  
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