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Water + Energy Progress
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Rachel Myslivy

Videos showcase climate solutions from Kansas farms & ranches

4 years ago | Apr 07, 2015
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director

It's been almost three years since CEP started the Water + Energy Progress initiative.  This weekend, I was looking back on my farm notebook from that spring.  We found morels on March 15, nearly one month earlier usual!  (none yet this year . . . I've checked).  The weather was balmy, and everything seemed set for a great season. 

Then it didn't rain, and it didn't rain, and it didn't rain.  By the end of June, the cheeriness had all but left us for the lack of rain.  While the drought of 2012 was terrible, it was a good time to start the conversation about water and energy in agriculture.  As one colleague said, "no sense wasting a good drought."

So we started the process of what would be a highly successful program that focused on the positive innovations in Kansas agriculture. 


The Water + Energy Progress Award winners represent pragmatic Kansans who are working to save water and energy and improve soil health and water quality.  The connections between ideas, practices, and results are complicated, so we let the producers explain.  Just watch a few videos to see for yourself:

Ted Alexander made compelling connections between cover crops, climate change, native grasses, and the need for innovation on the Water + Energy Progress Bus Tour!

Cover Crops and Climate Resilience
Cover Crops and Climate Resilience


The Living Acres Network is a group of producers working together to improve soil health.  They see great potential for stacking enterprises on the fertile soils in western Kansas by integrating cover crops and livestock into traditional rotations.

Living Acres Network: Cover Crops in Western Kansas


Lucinda Stuenkel saves energy and time with an improved maternity barn and surveillance system. 

Lucinda Stuenkel: Maternity Barn saves time and energy


 John Bradley makes good use of resources to help build resilience in his operations by saving water and energy.

John Bradley Securing Water for the Future


Michael Herrmann, a no-till, dryland farmer in Kinsley, makes the case for reconnecting people to the land to improve environmental quality and community.

Michael Herrmann


We need new solutions to adapt to a changing climate.   Water + Energy Progress showcases exactly the kinds of solutions we need in Kansas by leaders in the agricultural community.  

Visit WaterAndEnergyProgress.org to read all the case studies, and check out the CEP Vimeo Page to view all the videos!

Take the time to learn something new today!


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